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Brindy's Journal

The daily happenings of a deranged musician, poet, lover and lunatic

10 February 1977
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  • brindy@livejournal.com
i live with my wife cheryl (volantra) in larbert, falkirk in scotland, having also lived together for a short time in glasgow city centre. we got married on 18th of june, 2008 at dundas castle, near edinburgh.

the following information is primarily to allow people decide if they know/knew me. if so, feel free to get in touch, though i don't promise to respond.

i have lived in:
  • bangor, gwynedd
  • wingerworth, chesterfield
  • tibshelf, derbyshire
  • ambergate, derbyshire
  • glasgow, scotland
  • larbert, stirlingshire

  • our lady's primary school, bangor
  • st mary's primary school, chesterfield
  • christ the king primary school, alfreton
  • st mary's high school, chesterfield
  • st benedict's high school, derby
  • university of central lancashire (uclan), preston (hnd computing)
  • university of liverpool (online - msc i.t. with distinction)

i have worked for:
  • derek hunter and partners, cromford derbyshire
  • morse, derby
  • national australia group (contract)
  • pivotal integration, glasgow
  • arum systems ltd, edinburgh